Commercial Junk Removal

Convenient, Quick, Affordable Junk Hauling

Clean up your place of business with our help.

Having clutter visible at your business has a negative impact on your reputation. After remodeling or rebranding, let us haul away the junk immediately to keep you looking great.

What Can Black Dog Commercial Junk Removal Do For You?

Present a clean, safe environment for guests

Give employees a pleasant place in which to work

Get old office furniture taken away ASAP

Avoid renting a dumpster for small jobs

Save yourself time–let us haul the junk away.

Purchased a property with junk left on site? We clean out rentals, estates, commercial properties, and more. We’re the junk removal partner you need to keep your place clean and represent yourself well to your valued customers and clients.

Affordable Commercial Junk Removal Services In Charleston, SC

Starting a new business or moving into a new location are complicated endeavors with lots of moving parts. One of the factors that can slow you down and hinder your ability to “hit the ground running” is a large amount of junk left over from whatever was going on in the space previously. Perhaps you’re taking over a failed business and aren’t keeping all the equipment, or you’ve bought a building that was not sufficiently cleared out by the previous owner. In either case, you need a Charleston commercial junk removal service that can get the unwanted items out of there and clear the way for your business to take off.

Why Choose Black Dog Junk Removal For Your Commercial Needs?

Black Dog Junk Removal specializes in commercial junk removal near Charleston, SC. Our crews know how to quickly assess your situation, give you an affordable quote, and haul your junk away as soon as possible. Don’t panic if you are looking for “commercial junk removal near me”! We will help you figure out how much you need to dispose of, what hazardous or other unusual materials may require special attention, and how much the project will cost. Our experience and Southern hospitality make it easy for you to get your junk problem resolved quickly and affordably.

How Our Commercial Junk Removal Service Works

How does it work to hire “commercial junk removal near me”? Our process is simple and was created to make things as easy as possible for you, the customer. Here’s how we get your commercial space cleared out and ready for business:

  • Assess the size of your load and provide an accurate, affordable quote for your project.
  • Inform you about any items that our crews cannot dispose of, such as tires, hazardous waste, paint, and various liquids.
  • Load up your junk in our truck while you concentrate on other things, like building your business!
  • Wave goodbye to your spacious new location as your junk disappears forever.

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