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Make Room For the New–Get Rid of the Old

Fast, Friendly Junk Removal in Summerville, SC

Call our experts to schedule your junk removal appointment. Show us what needs to go and we’ll haul it away with no more work necessary on your part.

Junk Removal of All Types

Residential–Empty out that garage, shed, or spare room.

Commercial–Clear out what previous tenants left in your space.

Institutional–Make room for new equipment and furniture.

Storage Units–When no one wants it any more, call us!

Make Yourself Some Space!

When a pile of junk is simply in the way, taking up valuable space, and is clearly not going to be needed any longer, it’s time to call us to schedule your junk removal in Summerville, SC. Many homes have an extra bedroom, backyard shed, or garage that has accumulated unwanted junk over the years. Disposing of that junk opens up great new possibilities for using your home for your own enjoyment, not as a cluttered storage unit!

Summerville Furniture Disposal and Pickup Service

Having new furniture delivered to your house is always an exciting experience. But when that furniture is outdated or broken and needs to go, it can be harder to figure out how to dispose of it. If you don’t have the right vehicle to haul it away, call us for reliable junk removal services in Summerville, SC.

No heavy lifting on your part–just tell our friendly crew what to take, and they’ll take care of everything while you get ready for your new furniture to arrive.

Appliance Recycling and Pickup in Summerville, SC

Disposing of appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, and ranges can be particularly tricky. When you call your local junk removal service in Summerville, SC, though, it’s a snap. We know the disposal and recycling requirements for these appliances in our area, and we take care of everything on your behalf.

Trying to move large appliances yourself can spell trouble, with the potential for water leaking and impact damage to the floors and walls of your home. Our experienced crews know how to get these heavy pieces out of your home safely and onto our truck, and you can be sure you’ll never see them again!

Summerville Junk Removal Service for Home Clean Outs

Whether it’s spring cleaning, the departure of a child for college, or having to make room for a new vehicle, there are plenty of reasons to hire junk removal services in Summerville, SC. You may have grown accustomed to those stacks of boxes and furniture taking up space, but when you finally get rid of them, you’ll be amazed at the room you gain!

Instead of making multiple trips to the local landfill over several weekends, get the junk removal done all at once with minimum effort–let our crew pull up, load up, and haul everything away in no time at all.

Why Us?

Why should you choose our local junk removal service in Summerville, SC over the competition? We’re truly local, living right here in the Charleston area–not a national corporation with a local branch. And it’s simple! Just call us and tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of it.

Our Process: Junk Removal Services

  • Call us for junk removal in Summerville, SC at your residential, commercial, or institutional site.
  • We’ll pick up your load, answering any questions you have about what we can take, what we can’t, what can be recycled, etc.
  • Payment is convenient and easy. After that, you’re free to use your newfound space however you like!

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