Residential Junk Removal

Make Your Home Neat Again

The Solution to Your Clutter Problems

Have you lost the use of your garage or shed because of the junk that’s piled up there? Let us help you get it back.

What Can Black Dog Residential Junk Removal Do For You?

Restore valuable floor space in your home by clearing out junk

Remove heavy items that you can’t lift and transport yourself

Take away loads too large for your vehicle but too small for a dumpster rental

Make your yard beautiful by discarding old play equipment, grills, and furniture

Fencing, and Decking

Time to breathe easy again in your own home!

You may not realize how much your clutter is cramping your home until you get rid of it and see how much room is freed up! Let our friendly, quick-working crews remove what has piled up in your house and give your valuable space back for you to use as you like.

Affordable Residential Junk Removal Services In Charleston, SC

Many homes in the Lowcountry have a back room, basement, garage, or shed that used to be a valuable space. Today, however, it’s stacked nearly to the ceiling with boxes, furniture, and other stuff that the owners have honestly forgotten all about. If that describes your house, it’s time to call a Charleston residential junk removal service! You can reclaim that valuable space by having our crew haul away your junk quickly. Best of all, our rates are very affordable and well worth the living and storage area that you’ll regain with our help.

Our Approach To Residential Junk Removal Services

If you’re searching for “residential junk removal near me” and don’t know exactly what to expect when the truck pulls up to your house, don’t worry! Our team’s priority is to make the process as easy as it can be for you. When you look at the pile of clutter that has somehow accumulated in your garage or spare room and have no idea where to begin, that’s when it’s time to call 843-920-5865 and get Black Dog Junk Removal on the scene. Renting a dumpster is one option, but sometimes the load is too small for a full dumpster or you don’t have the ability to physically throw everything out yourself.

When you hire us for residential junk removal in Charleston, SC, we bring both the manpower and the truck. All you need to do is show us what needs to go, and we’ll take care of everything else. We will load up the furniture, hoarded junk, and whatever else is taking up your valuable space and haul it away so that you never need to think about it again.

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